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We are a black forest clan looking to have a group of active voobly friends to play black forest with. We can use team speak to communicate inside the game with each other. There are only a few rules members must follow;

- Be respectful to all other members of BFB ( Black Forest Brawlers )
- We don't point trade
- Play your best game ( Our skill levels vary from 14xx - 17xx )

If you are interested in applying, please copy & paste the following to a new post in the membership application forum here;

Once this is done, click join BFB in the usual manor and you will be contacted shortly after a review by the BFB team leadership

All information here is 100% voluntary! However, we do like to know who we are allied to.


1. Name :

2. Age :

3. Location :

4. Maps you play :

5. How long have you been playing AOC?

6. Other names you use on voobly :

7. Other clans you are a member of :

8. What do you expect from the clan and what can we expect from you?

9. Which members in BFB do you know?

10. Is there any other information you wish to add to this application ?

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